Prologue: The Leap

When I started working for a large law firm back in 2007, a more senior associate told me to always keep my eyes open and I would know when it was time to go.  Last June, that time came.  For many months, I watched  a mass exodus.  Attorneys I respected and genuinely loved working with were leaving the firm in droves.  Eventually, it became clear that I had nothing to lose (except a pay check) by following my dream of moving back home to the East Coast.

I gave notice and, within 3 weeks, we had subleased our apartment, packed our things and moved — in with my parents.  At 18, making that move would have been a nightmare.  At 32, it is still less than ideal, but certainly not as bad as I thought.  For the past 6 months, I have been networking, reconnecting with family and friends and deciding what it is that I want to do with my life.  In June, I would have told you that the right path for me was likely outside the law.  Now, having been overwhelmed by the generosity of my fellow attorneys — many of whom knew next to nothing about me before agreeing to help me — I’m recommitted to finding my place in the legal profession.

But I’m also committed to reconnecting with the interests and loves I had before the law.  This blog is a place for me to talk about my professional and personal journey, which now includes not only the law, but also my own business.  Earlier this month, I signed up as an Independent Consultant with Jamberry after trying their wraps at a friends online party.  (Jamberry wraps are heat and pressure activated nail stickers that allow you to create trendy salon styles at home for much less money.  I am truly obsessed.)

My plan is to talk a little bit about what I’ve learned about job hunting, a little bit about what I’ve learned about myself and a lot about Jamberry.  So expect lots of tips, tricks and style inspiration with some personal stories peppered in.  I’ll also be continuing to update my food blog because cookbooks, I just can’t quit you.






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